Conduct your own virtual events
on Teamroom

Bring fun, bonding, and laughter to your remote events!
Fully customizable content and branding for your unique games and shows.


Easy to play

No need to install additional software; the platform offers
everything you need to participate. Just navigate by the link.


Bring your own brand, question, and content to the event. Our platform is fully customizable to create a unique experience for your show.


Games are designed to give everyone in the team a chance to be a captain and lead the team forward, regardless of location, age, or hairstyle. No one will be left behind.


Our platform helps you create events that engage team members, help them learn each other better, connect on a deeper level, and collaborate to win.

How it works

Easy to set up, customize, and conduct the event.
Designed for a delightful user experience.

Setup an event & customize

Create an event and customize the background and colors of our team room. Create any number of games and rounds, customize the questions and content to create the even spirit you like, whether it's having fun with interesting trivia or getting to know your colleagues better.

Come to the events

Participants join the game via a link, no sign up needed. And no additional software is required. All you need is a computer, headphones, a stable Internet connection, and a good mood. Participants will be split into teams (8 max), with up to 6 participants in each team (up to 48 total). Warm-up and chit-chat in the lobby before the game begins.

Play the games

Select among many available games to engage all participants: employee fun fact match, trivia, and buzz-in challenges, drawing challenges, pictionary, etc. Teams can discuss together to find the correct answer, then the captain answers (and captains rotate every round). Host speaks to all teams or can join any team for a private discussion.




Fact Match

Manage the event like a pro

Powerful and easy-to-use control panel for the host to manage the game, speak, and collaborate with participants. Have a helicopter view of the whole event and manage like a pro.

Win and connect

Announce a winner after a healthy competition. It's up to you what can be the prizes. Let people hang out in the shared room after the event to chat, recall the best moments, and get to know each other better with a glass of wine or juice... 

What our clients say

Awesome experience!
It was a blast

This virtual team-building was a total blast, our team has never had so much fun remote before. Props for such a platform and execution.

CTO at Plai Inc.

Nice experience!

I couldn't imagine remote team-building could be so much fun.
One hour of pure joy, interesting conversations, and bonding
experience. Everyone loved it.

Office Manager at Uptech

Book a demo

Contact us for a personal demo and pricing for your event agency. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

Do you conduct your own events?

No, we don't. We build a platform for event agencies and license the platform to them. So that event agencies can create their own unique experiences on the Teamroom platform.

How many people can participate in the event? 

One room can support up to 48 people (8 teams with up to 6 players in each team). To fit more team members during your event, you can create as many rooms as you want.

We're working actively on the ability to have many rooms inside one event (these features are coming soon).

What if I need to host events with more participants?

No problem, you can divide your participants into several groups and create games for each group. It's done for the participants' best experience since too many users cannot collaborate effectively and talk at the same time.

Do our participants need any extra software to install?

Nope, no need to install any extra software! Our platform is web-based and supports the latest versions of Google Chrome, Edge, and Safari browsers. Please, follow our onboarding guide before entering the game to ensure the best experience during the event.

How is it different from Zoom or other virtual conference tools?

If you participated in a Zoom virtual party or team-building, you know that feeling when all people are on mute or take weird turns and are unsure when to talk. If you split participants into rooms, then they cannot talk with other teams.

With Teamroom, participants can discuss in small team channels, see other teams, and discuss them when needed. Participants also see all content and play all games inside the same platform without installing/using different tools. It significantly simplifies the whole virtual event set up for all participants. Teamroom is an all-in-one platform for team-buildings. It's the next level of remote team-building experience.

What games are supported?

We support Trivia, Buzz-in, Fact Match. More games are coming soon (like Drawing challenges, Pictionary, Memory recall, Find on the map, Lipdub, Categories, Photo Booth, etc.).

We also provide a link with which you (or your clients) can test if Teamroom services work from the network where your clients will join the event. So that you can test in advance (and without the need for the demo call) if your users would be able to join the game without any problems.

Does Teamroom work behind VPN or in highly regulated environments (banks, etc.)?

Normally — yes. We use our own servers on AWS and Twilio for the video streaming. In most cases, it's available in enterprise networks and highly regulated environments. 

We also provide a link so that you (or your clients) can test if Teamroom services work from the network where your clients will join the event. So that you can test in advance (and without the need for the demo call) if your users would be able to join the game without any problems.

Which languages do you support?

Teamroom app interface is available in English, German, Spanish, French, Russian. We can add more localizations on your request. The content of your games (questions, answers, etc.) can be in any language that you prefer — it's up to you.

What if someone's late to the game?

No problem, they can enter the room later and join one of the teams.

If you didn't find a suitable answer in our FAQ above, please feel free to contact us.